Practice Headspace meditation every morning for next ten days

I find my daily routines and rituals very important for my wellbeing. Now I’d like to introduce some meditation to it. I will attempt to do this on the train to work using Headspace application and noise isolated headphones. Normally I’d read books, articles or listen to podcasts during this time but I feel it’s a bit too heavy… Let’s meditate instead!


03-Nov-2014 09:18:35

Day 10 completed! I find the morning meditation really beneficial at least during the weekdays. Although I think the subscription is quite expensive (just under $7 a month) I will subscribe for a year to get myself past the beginner state. I'll then evaluate how it work later but hopefully after more practice there will be no guidance required. At a minimum I recommend Take10 to anyone just to get a small insight into the meditation routine.

31-Oct-2014 09:18:07

Day 8 completed. The routine makes it easier and easier, I don't have to pay much attention to the guidance and can let go pretty easily. Almost done with the free 'Take10' so if I want to continue I need to pay the subscription. Will give it a try and see how it goes. Maybe I could even do this twice a day then...

30-Oct-2014 09:35:58

Day 7 completed. Getting pretty comfortable doing this and I'm pretty sure I'll continue even after the 10 days 'challenge'.

29-Oct-2014 09:23:57

Day 6 completed. I think it becomes easier and it's something to look forward to in the morning. I also find that the relaxed sensation is something I can tap into during the day. Btw I didn't update yesterday as I was busy but still completed day five also, although it was a bit rushed.

27-Oct-2014 09:19:37

Finished day 3 on Saturday. Unfortunately my weekend routine was a bit off and yesterday I even skipped the session altogether. Anyway today is Monday, I'm on the train as usual and just completed day 4. I felt so relaxed I had trouble paying attention to the guidance. It would be great if I could bring myself to that such calm state deliberately whenever required:-) I guess that's what mastery looks like.

24-Oct-2014 09:45:39

Day 2 completed. Today I was a bit frustrated because of the late trains and Paul Krugman's article I shouldn't have read. It took me a bit longer to calm the mind down and ten minutes felt quite short today (or at least I think it was ten minutes). But I imagine if I didn't meditate I would still be pretty pissed off now so I guess it worked.

23-Oct-2014 09:20:59

Just finished first session. Feels pretty good. First I wasn't sure if train is the right place to do this but I think the repetitive background noisewill actually make it easier to build the habit. Also I catch the train around the same time evry day, so that may also help. Feels good now, time for work!


  1. Viktor Angelo

    I’m doing it too, a really nice meditation guidance. Never felt so easy to meditate. I’m on day four. I do it after some stretching in the morning, after a session I even continue meditating for a few more minutes without guide. Thanks for sharing

  2. Ondrej Holiencin

    Hi Viktor, yes, it’s good! I like it’s progressive unlike other meditation guides. I also sometimes find that 10minutes is not quite enough but it fits my morning commute nicely:-)

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