One arm chin up in three months

I decided to take up a challenge of getting a one arm chin up. I haven’t been doing much strength training lately and was focused more on hand balancing and flexibility so it’s time to get back to hard work. I normally train every day, or even twice a day most days. Now I’m planning to dedicate at least three sessions a week to this goal specifically.

I’ll start with strengthening the scapulas, then I’ll add assisted one arm chin ups and eventually do one arm holds and negatives. I also hope to squeeze in as much rope climbing as the recovery rate permits.

I had an elbow injury recently in my left arm which prevented me from doing any one arm chin up related exercises. That seems to have recovered now but I may still have to take it easy to start with.

Attached is the video of my first training session. I’m planning to post one roughly about once a month.

Cheers and wish me good luck!


01-Jan-2015 21:42:00

So I failed this. Basically I overtrained badly and then couldn't recover quickly enough in the timeframe. I also compromised all my other training, which slowed my progress even further. Funnily enough right after I stopped worrying about one arm chin up my other skills suddenly improved a lot. My front lever is much more solid, tuck planches are longer and I can now do Stalder press which I couldn't do before... Anyway, I'll work on the one arm negatives as part of my training and eventually I'll get there. I will also do low intensity high rep workout once a week to help me with recovery and injury prevention.

29-Aug-2014 23:13:07

Another video from my one arm chin up training. The weather's been a bit shitty but managed to get some footage yesterday.

Not the best day though, you can see a lot of jerking around, the negatives should be slower and more controled. I was really struggling with the one arm chin up holds using my left arm which I didn't have a problem with last week. I was also hoping I could fit a lot of rope climbs into my training but the weather didn't permit. Anyway will stick to the holds and negatives and see how it goes. I will also finish off each session with chin ups holding the forearm.


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