Lose 20 kilos

Diet and exercise. Body for Life style diet with functional training, Crossfit and wrestling. 


  1. Ondrej Holiencin

    Hi Mike, how’s your challenge going? 20kg in three months is pretty full on but definitely doable. I’m keen to know more about your diet and exercise you do!

  2. Mike

    Hey Ondrej!

    My first week has simply been a control of calories – taking in less than I put out. I’m training very hard in wrestling, functional training, and general weight lifting.

    Next week’s changes are going to include adding HIIT cardio in the mornings an hour before breakfast and changing two of the weight lifting evenings for Crossfit.

    Diet wise, I’m not SUPER clean – I will have tomato sauce with my egg whites and toast, I will make cajun chicken breast instead of grilling it plain, use a pan rather than a George Forman etc. If it doesn’t taste good, I ain’t eating it. 😛

    Haven’t yet jumped on the scales again but I’m definitely feeling a difference.

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