Gymnastic Bodies Handstand Challenge

I’m going to participate in the GB handstand challenge


How the Challenge Works: 
GB will release challenge videos every day this month;


1.) Watch the video
2.) Do the appropriate version of the exercise (smaller box is the beginner version) 
3.) Take video
4.) Upload your video to this Facebook page and/or your Instagram. 
5.) Include the hashtags: #gymnasticbodies #christophersommer #gbnewyear


That’s it!


27-Jan-2015 22:13:44

Day 25. One leg tuck. No big issues here despite the tiredness.

27-Jan-2015 22:11:35

Day 24. Okay, I think I was really getting tired with this one - no straight legs, no pointed toes...omg!

27-Jan-2015 22:10:38

Day 23. L Handstand - interestingly I had a better form on my bad side than on my good side. Again - I probably have better form now after watching the mistakes in the video...

27-Jan-2015 22:03:40

Day 22...ehm, has this one been missed from the challenge? Can't find the details anywhere...

27-Jan-2015 22:02:27

Day 21. My tuck is normally pretty good as I practice this a lot. Doesn't look solid enough on the video which is probably because of over training.

27-Jan-2015 22:01:02

Day 20. Similar as before but swapping the legs this time.

27-Jan-2015 21:54:46

Day 19. These kick ins should be actually done at the wall without touching it. I think it would help with the form so I'm going to do it that way next time.

27-Jan-2015 21:51:17

Day 18. Finger strength.

27-Jan-2015 21:49:40

Day 17. Core strength. This exercise is rather easy for me...

27-Jan-2015 21:46:10

Day 16. Head positioning.

27-Jan-2015 21:08:18

Day 15. Scissor legs...I did this free standing but I should open the shoulders more. I normally take the videos of my very first attempt without practicing the exercise before so I could see my flaws. I'd like to believe I improved the form by now, especially after seeing the video:-)

27-Jan-2015 21:05:14

Day 14. Arch to hollow body.

27-Jan-2015 21:03:46

Day 13. Another one arm progression. This one is a hip tap which is much harder than the shoulder tap.

18-Jan-2015 18:35:04

Day 12. Overstack/planche progression

18-Jan-2015 18:29:37

Day 11. One arm progression. It's very useful to see the body shape difference when on the left arm and when over right arm. Right arm is MUCH easier. Since taking this video I actually learned to do a free standing version but that still needs a lot of refinement.

18-Jan-2015 18:24:33

Day 10. I liked this exercise and am improving in doing a free standing version of it.

11-Jan-2015 17:08:19

Day 9. This exercise is quite uncomfortable. My posterior pelvic tilt is quite strong so I don't have trouble holding the "correct" position but I was surprised how difficult it is to hold the arched back.

11-Jan-2015 16:36:36

Day 8. This is a great exercise which I do quite often so nothing new for me. The key is not to bend the arms on the way down (or at any other point on that matter:-))

11-Jan-2015 16:32:17

Day 7. Hollow body hold.

11-Jan-2015 16:29:20

Day 6.

06-Jan-2015 23:19:14

Day 5. I found this exercise quite easy on the wall but really hard free standing so I'll be focusing on getting the same level of control there.

06-Jan-2015 22:06:32

Day 4. I was trying to do this free standing as I found it too easy on the wall. It's really good, not as hard as full handstand pushups but great practice. I couldn't pull more than ten in one go anyway so definitely something to work on!

04-Jan-2015 17:22:57

Day 3. I liked this one as it stretches the wrists more. I found it quite dificult to get into as it requires almost a one arm hold while rotating the other palm. Also it looks like I'm leaning on the wall but in fact I'm only touching with my feet.

04-Jan-2015 00:18:07

Day 2 of GB handstand challenge. Wasn't sure how long should I hold it off the wall so I was just kind of bouncing off.

02-Jan-2015 22:41:06

First day video is here, I did it at the wall first and then free standing in the tuck position. Took video of the free standing one. It's interesting wrist exercise with about an inch of something under your fingers. I didn't feel great deal of stretch in my wrists but I found the fingers much weaker in this position which forced me to balance more on the heel of the palm.

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