Gymnastic Bodies Handstand challenge


How the Challenge Works: 
GB will release challenge videos every day this month;


1.) Watch the video
2.) Do the appropriate version of the exercise (smaller box is the beginner version) 
3.) Take video
4.) Upload your video to this Facebook page and/or your Instagram. 
5.) Include the hashtags: #gymnasticbodies #christophersommer #gbnewyear



27-Jan-2015 19:24:05

Challenge#25, single leg HS. My back still archy thou

27-Jan-2015 18:35:48

Challenge#24, straddle jump HS

25-Jan-2015 19:44:49

Challenge#22, single arm endurance

22-Jan-2015 19:41:09

Challenge #21, kick jump HS

22-Jan-2015 19:13:51

Challenge#20, HS wall kick up and alternating legs for 30r

22-Jan-2015 19:12:55

Challenge#18,HS wall walking up and down with tight tummy and back OR wall plank for 30s

17-Jan-2015 20:13:17

Challenge#16, head positioning...over head, tuck head, and neutral HS head. Photo shows tuck head position, habit that I've been developed during my HS journey...

17-Jan-2015 20:06:40

Challenge#15, scissor legs for 30s...need to improve on protracting the shoulders and tuck the ribs in

16-Jan-2015 21:11:12

Challenge#14, arch hold then hollow body for 30r

14-Jan-2015 22:26:58

Challenge#13, hip tap single one arm strength

14-Jan-2015 22:21:12

Challenge #12, over stack in planche position then stack with shrugged shoulder. This is difficult for me, had to do many attempts to get it just OK and I forgot to shrug as well

12-Jan-2015 11:31:37

Challenge #11, single arm strength. Alternating each arm to touch shoulder for 50r.

11-Jan-2015 21:49:35

Challenge #10, straight legs exercise, by controlling knee joints. Alternating bending each knees for 15r

11-Jan-2015 14:59:21

Challenge #9, shoulder shrug for 30r

11-Jan-2015 14:55:13

Challenge#8, pelvic tilt exercise. Anterior and posterior tilt for 60r, the photo shows anterior tilt

08-Jan-2015 19:59:05

Challenge#7, holding a hollow body position for 60s. Do not under estimate the power of holding this straight body line

08-Jan-2015 19:55:06

Challenge#6, scapular shrug. Seems like I need a new socks...

07-Jan-2015 12:52:01

Challenge #5. Stack, over stack, and under stack shoulder in HS position. I've no problem with under stack position, but I arched my upper back when I over stacked my shoulder.

06-Jan-2015 17:04:53

Challenge#4. Elbow lock in and lock out, just like HS mini push up for 30r. I could only do 15r at a time, so did 2 set of it

04-Jan-2015 18:01:29

Challenge#3 Wrist mobility with rotation. I can do a full wrist rotation but it felt like requires a lot of strength to move the wrist into a full rotation when in HS position

04-Jan-2015 17:55:15

Challenge#2, finger strength. HS wall walk then legs on & off the wall, putting more pressure on the fingers

04-Jan-2015 17:50:06

Challenge #1 wrist mobility, the shoulders need a little but more open

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