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Before our daughter was born, I used to do kickboxing, preparing for marathon, ran Dublin marathon… but since the baby was born I have hardly time for few push-ups a week… And I give up anyway eventually… What I need is a routine. A plan, that I could stick to. A workout, that won’t take more than 1 hour and I won’t need to drag my @ss to gym every day.

My girlfriend (fitness instructor) suggested Insanity Workout. (I won’t be posting the original Insanity’s URL as that is full of marketing crap 🙂 ) . Here is quite detailed review of the 60 days (in fact it is 70 days) training schedule:

Currently I am in the middle as I have passed the first 30 days . The “hard part” comes with the second month…

If you read the article I posted, you could see that : “The hardest thing for me was when there were two sets of different workouts to do in one day. Especially in the second month where one workout was like one hour long. These days will most definitely top any day that you can remember where you thought you’ve done the most demanding physical activity.”

Cannot wait !

I am posting a video from 30 minutes of different Insanity workout I used for training (1 week) before I got my  Insanity DVDs. It seems easy, but doing full 30 minutes is everything but easy 😉


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