Build a chicken coup

an overall objective of mine is to become self sufficent and one of the small steps to that goal is to produce some of my own food.

For this challenge I want to start producing my own eggs and I need to build a chicken coup before i get the chickens

Steps to build my chicken coup
1. Re-use the kids cubby house as the chicken coup
2. Build enclosure with a door
3. Add housing for the chickens to nest in
4. purchase baby chickens


28-Oct-2014 10:16:22

Finished the chicken coop. Bought 3 chickens on the weekend and put up the water and food containers

Now to work out the next challenge

19-Oct-2014 12:24:37

Finished building the coup. All I have to do now is buy the chickens.

05-Oct-2014 20:25:40

Ok I've dismantled and relocated the kids old cubby house and will use the old cubby house as the coup. Poles are in for the run. Next is to add the wire

28-Jul-2014 14:18:13

28-Jul-2014 14:02:21


  1. Mandy

    Looks great Mat, I love the recycling of tge cubby house and the drawers as nesting boxes, I’m going to copy the drawes, I’m also building a chicken coop. My builder is helping me as a love job as it’s my birthday soon so this is my present, though i seem to be doing most of the work, can’t wait to finish it and get some chooks. Our last 2 lots didn’t make it so we are making this coop extra tough predator proof.

  2. Ondrej Holiencin

    Sorry Mandy, there are no pictures in the comments section. You may have to start your own coop building challenge with pictures or give me a few days to build this functionality:-)

  3. Phillip J Hibbard

    What color is paint I want to paint my coop that color.

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