Circus audition preparation

I’m aspiring dancer and aerialist who love to perform. As years went by, my desire to improve my skills and perfected my performance skill are getting stronger than ever – I guess you call this a passion! After attending a series of professional workshops, I got inspired to attend one of NICA (National institute of Circus Arts) courses. Audition is mandatory for their enrolment, and they have a certain standard to get through to the audition, including strength, flexibility, tumbling, handstand, and dance movement.

I have about 9 months to tick all items in the guideline.


12-Jan-2015 11:52:49

My update for Handstand development. I've been progressing quite well with the HS, although still far from good enough but I can see the improvement I made from the past 10 months (started learning doing HS at 16th March 2014). Yes, I still remember the date because it's Ondrej birthday =)

Like I mentioned in my update below, I'm still working on the straight body line that also impacting the HS body alignment. But on the brighter side, I'm getting stronger supporting my body in the HS position, and occasionally I can hold a free standing HS for more than 2secs.

I'm currently participating GB New Year HS challenge for 1 month in January, which is good for me as I got to do HS exercise everyday, took video and picture of my progression daily, and I'm also getting more aware of my HS body alignment. Yesterday, I just discovered my body pattern for not arching my back, but the body needs to be against the wall - so I can feel my hip bones touch the wall.

I can't wait for the moment when I can hold free standing HS without any spotter.

07-Jan-2015 12:36:20

My update for strength development. I just started this since my birthday in July, Ondrej registered me a Gymnastic Bodies foundation program as well as their Sydney seminar for the birthday present.

From the seminar and the program, I discovered a lot about my body weaknesses, like I have a weak trapezius muscle because I have been doing pulling movement all the time but no pushing/dipping at all. Since then, I started training and learn to dip, L sit, Straddle L sit, support position on rings, and do more push up!!

The other thing that I need to pay more attention, is holding a stiff straight body that is quite challenging for me as this is the opposite of what I've been training for. From this, I discovered that my body have strong limbs but a weak torso.

I'm also currently training for muscle up progression, as I've never done any false grip at all before.

Lots of home works around this area

07-Jan-2015 11:24:22

Ok, I know I haven't update this challenge since I created it. However, I have done a lot of works for the past 6 months including gymnastic strength, Handstand, Circus training for aerial and floor work, and stretching and contortion.

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